911 Steel Country Music Marathon
April 2nd, 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Pirate's Den

Join Kaitlyn Baker and friends for a country music marathon to benefit 911 Steel, America's only traveling 9/11 memorial! See why The Huffington Post named Kaitlyn among "Top 10 Country Artists to Watch in 2017" and why BuzzFeed called her "One of Country Music's 15 Brightest Rising Stars." 

The lineup also includes some of Cincinnati's most popular country performers: Deuces Wild, Maurice Mattei, Kevin Kesley, the Jason Owens Band, Nick Winters and more.

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911 Steel Country Music Marathon
Where:  Pirate's Den Bar and Grill  
3670 Werk Rd, Ste 6,
Cincinnati 45248

When:  April 2nd, 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tickets: Tickets for the 911 Steel Country Music Marathon are $10 each for general admission.   911Steel.brownpapertickets.com ,  General admission tickets will be available at the door, on a first-come basis. 

Sponsors:  Corporate sponsorship tables range in price from $80 to $400. For reserved seating, see below. For information, please call Mike Behr at 513-608-6209 or email [email protected]
  1. Deuces Wild
    High energy, modern country, classic rock band playing all your favorite songs, keeping the crowd on the floor and keeping em coming back for more!
  2. Maurice Mattei
    There is a point on the space-time continuum where Charles Bukowski, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan collided and accidentally spilled a large portion of themselves into the other. Maurice Mattei is the result of that unconfirmed occurrence.
  3. Kevin Kelsey Band
    Hello, my name is Kevin Kelsey. I'm a down to earth, tell it like it is, country boy at heart from Cincinnati Ohio. I play anything from classic country to modern day country. Although most of what I play are covers that you are already familiar with and enjoy I am currently working on some original material as well and hope to have it out soon.
  4. Jason Owens Band
    Jason Owens was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He picked up his first guitar at the age of ten, when he heard Brad Paisley on the radio. It was Paisley’s guitar solo from the song “The World”, that inspired Jason to learn to play. From that moment on, Jason knew he wanted to play the guitar. Jason begged his parents relentlessly until they purchased him a guitar and enrolled him in lessons. Jason took his first lesson from Aaron Mahoney and then continued his training with Rick Kinman, Kinman shared the secrets he had learned from Scotty Anderson with Jason. This passing down of the craft has made Jason’s skill set more established and refined.
  5. Nick Winters
    from Billy Brown Band Country Brookville, IN
  6. Hosted by Amanda Orlando
    DJ on The New Nash 94.1 FM, playing the music we all love.
  7. Josh Brock
    from 90 Proof Twang