The 911 Steel is a partnership between the Cincinnati Fire Museum and The Goodtimers Foundation
911Steel was formed in 2016 as a partnership between the Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati and  the Goodtimers Foundation. The  partnership was formed to create and maintain a traveling monument  (911Steel) to keep alive the memory of the events  of 9/11.   Our future is what we make of it and hopefully it will be as good or better than the past. The monument is the only travelong piece of World Trade Center Steel in the country, The steel is housed on a large trailer that serves as a rememberance to 9/11. The 911Steel is displayed at various events throughout the tri-state area, with a focus on Fire,Police and Military events. If you would like to have the steel at your event, see our contact page.

The Goodtimers Foundation was born out of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on our country.  As did many Americans we asked ourselves, "What can we do?  In response we organized a motorcycle rally,  "Freedom Ride, A Call to Unity" and that event raised over $35,000 for the Police and Firefighters of New York City.   As a result of our success and the feeling that patriotism and philanthropy are not just "one time" things we decided to make FREEDOM RIDE an annual event and to distribute all the proceeds to our local public servants, our servicemen/women and local charities.    We created the Goodtimers Foundation and this year we will be holding Freedom Ride 16.   In the past  fifteen years we have raised and distributed over $307,000 . 

The Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati opened in 1980 as a tribute to the history of the Cincinnati Fire Department and it's contributions to the fire service. The museum originally started in the late 1800's when CFD members started the archive room and began saving retired equipment. The collection eventually found it's way to the basement of Station 3 where it was displayed until the museum opened in 1980. The museum houses a substantial collection that tells the story of firefighting in the tri-state area.  From the early volunteer days to the formation of the first fully paid fire department in the country, to the modern times. The museum is a celebration of every fire fighter and department in the region. The museum also has a strong focus of fire saftey education and hosts thousands of children every year, teaching them the skills to prevent fires and stay alive. The fire museumis the only tri-state museum that saves lives.

We do what we do because we feel we are fortunate to live as we do, where we do and we have a desire to "do something that makes a difference". 

Our Mission
  • Our mission is to engage in activities that recognize the heroic efforts and pay tribute to the 9/11 first responders; Police, Fire Fighters and EMS personnel who risked their lives  to rescue the victims and protect innocent citizens after that horrific attack on our country.
The Purpose
  • 9/11 Steel is a traveling monument that is a real life artifact, meant to generate public awareness. It will foster and preserve the memories of generations of Americans as to the events that occurred in the United States of America, on September11, 2001.   
  • To reinforce the concept that freedom isnt free and we as a nation need to remain  strong, stand united and remain vigilant to preserve democracy and our way of life. To demonstrate our ongiong support & appreciation for our public servants; Fire Fighters, EMS as well as our Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel.